Diane Jacobson is the mama of our office and the community. 
She has been masterminding everything and taking good care of us all for nearly 40 years.



Michelle Phillips is new to our team but it feels like she has always been with us! She is the master brain and lifeline for us all.


Jessica Meissler


I moved to Grass Valley in 2009 after marrying my husband Abe at Empire Mine State Park in 2009.  We have three children, Maggie, Linc and Charlie.  As a family we enjoy outdoor adventures and the kids are great at cheering for me in indoor soccer games! 

I first came to know Dr. Heather and Jacobson Chiropractic when I was pregnant with my first child in 2012.  I immediately felt better and Dr. Heather treated me through all of my three pregnancies.  I love working for Jacobson Chiropractic because with the combined years of experience and wisdom, the doctors know how to treat people with respect. They have a passion to help our community feel better both physically and emotionally. I have seen that with good health comes happiness.  

I am thrilled to bring my business and accounting experience to this office as well as my passion to help women along their journey to motherhood; I have 4 years experience working as a doula. This office is a happy space where I enjoy meeting new people, working with my colleagues, and be part of a team offering top quality healthcare to our community.