A Conversation with Dr. Heather Hunt DC and her husband Dr. Luke Hunt PhD

We live in a world that has changed drastically in the last decade and even more so in the last few years.  Where we used to be able to look to the past to help predict the future, we can no longer do that.  Global warming, climate change, environmental toxicity, new chemicals in our food, and globalization has made it impossible to know how the world or our bodies will be in the near or far future.  Even morality, which one would think would be universal, has been usurped by electing and allowing the president of our country to blatantly lie. It makes it hard to know where we stand as individuals and how to feel balanced in these shifting sands.  Our system goes to panic with this unpredictability where A + B no longer equals C, and it is negatively affecting our biology and general wellness.  We need as humans to upgrade to a new operating system where we can embrace this unpredictable dynamic state and create a new "set point" within our biology in which we can find stability, health, wholeness and freedom. 

This audio recording is literally "pillow talk" between my husband Luke (a Standford PhD scientist) and I.  It happened last night in bed.  I asked him to help me figure out something that I was noticing in a craniosacral treatment I gave that day and as he started talking I realized I needed to record it because he was giving me important information to solve some puzzles. 

So please excuse the imperfect iphone recording and enjoy the content of this.  I think it is an important piece about what can move us forward as individuals and as a human species.