COLLAGEN. So Easy It Feels Like Cheating!

One of my favorite things and a dietary staple for me is Collagen Powder. I started using collagen powder almost a year ago and have noticed a big increase in my nail strength and health and my blood sugar balance. There are many other benefits, but first, what is collagen?

What exactly is collagen?
Wikipedia says “Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body. It is the major component of connective tissues that make up several body parts, including tendons, ligaments, skin and muscles.” The benefits of supplementing with collagen include supporting collagen production, bone strength, joint health and ligament/tendon integrity, skin elasticity and more. It also has collagen-specific amino acids like glycine, glutamine, proline, hydroxyproline and arginine that support not only your musculoskeletal system, but also your gut health and nervous system.  Collagen is an important ingredient of bone broth, which if you’ve been working with me, you’ll know I am a big proponent as we know it is good for us!

Another reason I love collagen powder is because it is a tasteless clear powder that dissolves in liquids or warm solids like oatmeal and soup, not altering the flavor of your meal. In one scoop we benefit from about 11 grams of protein.

How does it support my blood sugar?
I think it is important to eat protein, fat and carbohydrate with every meal to balance blood sugar. If you are consuming mostly carbohydrates (fruits, vegetables, complex carbs/whole grains, simple carbs/refined grains and sugar) then your blood sugar raises, which is good, but then just as easily your blood sugar will crash. Most of us know what this blood sugar roller coaster feels like!  If you add protein (meat, whole milk dairy, nuts, legumes, eggs) and fat (butter, coconut oil, olive oil, avocados, etc) with carbohydrates it sustains your blood sugar longer and allows it to gradually and gently lower instead of crash down quickly. Meaning you feel better and have more energy throughout the day.

Simple trick to include collagen to your diet.
I don’t love eating breakfast, especially when I am busily preparing breakfasts for my family and packing lunches for my three sons in the mornings. So MY CHEAT is to put a scoop of collagen in my black tea with a tiny bit of local raw honey (carbohydrate) and heavy whipping cream (fat).  This sustains me as well as if I ate two eggs (2 eggs have about the same amount of protein).

SO IF YOU ARE DRINKING COFFEE OR TEA AS BREAKFAST PLEASE ADD COLLAGEN!  This simple addition can be a real game changer for your blood sugar stability for the entire day by increasing your energy levels.

How do I know how much to consume?
Also, many people do not eat enough protein. Collagen is a great way to up your protein.  Standard Process has a really great chart for recommended protein intake in their Detox Program booklet, see guidelines below.

Quality, always always vitally important.
Quality is important of course. There are many great brands on the market but please do your research to make sure it comes from animals who are raised organically and/or grass fed. We sell the Designs for Health Whole Body Collagen and I love it and highly recommend it.

Yours in vibrant health,

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