Drop In with Dr. Dale: Meditation & The Importance of Rest

‘Healthy people to create healthy families to create healthy communities so you can create healthy worlds. And where you start is rest.
— Dr. Dale

From Dr. Heather:
As many of you have experienced, we have a rare gem in my dad Dr. Dale.  He is not only a highly skilled chiropractor, but he also has many other interests that he has shared though his book Guide to Healthy Living. However, he also has a deep wisdom into the nature of humanity, thoughts, emotions, meditation, relationships, family and more that he has not written about yet.  In an effort to share this wisdom with more people, I have requested that he make an evening available a month for people to come, ask questions, share and listen to him talk on subjects important to him that are a little more “outside the box.”  So as an office and family we are excited to announce a new monthly series called Drop In With Dr. Dale.  These will take place on the first Tuesday of the month at the Jacobson Dude Ranch yoga studio next to the barn at 6pm.
June will be the kick off and Dr. Dale will be discussing Meditation and the Importance of Rest.  To give you a taste, we had Alexis Rosenbaum, our social media expert, interview Dr. Dale (even with him having a cold!) about his own meditation practice and his thoughts on the lost art of rest. You can listen to this interview with the below link.

We hope to see you for Drop In with Dr. Dale sessions the first Tuesday of the Month starting Tuesday June 6th at 6pm.  11153 Cement Hill Rd.  Go 1.1 mile up Cement Hill and turn left at the Jacobson Dude Ranch sign.  Follow driveway straight to the back of the property and the yoga studio is next to the red barn.  Free.  Open invite. 
From Alexis:
Did you know that Dr. Dale and his wife Diane have been practicing Transcendental Meditation daily since they were about twenty years old? Neither did I until I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Dale and learning more about his experience.
After learning a brief history, him being initiated into Transcendental Meditation (TM) in 1969 and Diane following shortly after, he explained the main goal is ‘to get you out of your head’ which we definitely know the importance of but don't necessarily know how to do. But where our conversation went next is what I’m excited about…
Dr. Dale explained how TM enhances our rested state because we obtain a deeper sense of rest when meditating than when asleep (google for the scientific research of how this works). AND with R E S T, we heal. We heal our hearts, our minds and our bodies. It is only from a rested state that we can fully function and respond to life, instead of reacting to it.
‘If you’re rested the world is not that bad of a place. If you’re tired the world is a big problem. And so rest is one of the main deficiencies of this society. People aren’t sleeping anymore...the mind is constantly bombarded, they don’t have an escape from their mind. And as their mind fatigues their body falls apart. And then they do more and more and more drugs and then we have the society we have now….(TM ) is a meditative system, something to calm your body down and something to clear your mind.’
He then went onto share something that has changed my life because I struggle with fatigue and depression on occasion….
‘Fatigue is what you don’t understand. Fatigue is the concern of what you don’t have a conception to break down...depression is accumulated fatigue. If you don’t have the solution to a conflict you get more exhausted...it’s what you don’t know that fatigues you.’
This is incredibly valuable information for those of us that oscillate between anxiety and fatigue. Especially in today’s society where we are bombarded with stimulation and rarely given a moment to breathe.
‘If you look at everything from a lack of rest, if your body could have rested, it wouldn’t have had that particular pattern, but it didn’t have the energy to deal with the intrusion, so it started to breakdown. And if people don’t respect that, they end up with chronic illness. You have to rest.’
As our chat came to close, I felt an deep sense of gratitude for Dr. Dale and his commitment to health and truly holistic medicine. He is a Doctor, a husband, a father and a member in our community who recommends rest, rest and then some more rest when we are out of alignment. And a 3-day apple cleanse if we need a reset! His parting words of wisdom were...
‘Healthy people to create healthy families to create healthy communities so you can create healthy worlds. And where you start is rest.’