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Both Dr. Montanaro D.O. &  Dr. Heather D.C. Practice Functional Medicine. 

In a truly integrative fashion we combine Our expertise and treatment options to best serve our patients

From Dr Heather:

I am pleased to offer my newest clinical addition: Functional Medicine. Over the last 3 years I have been quietly and diligently working with some of the best and brightest teachers and practioners in Functional Medicine so that I can offer the community that so many of you have asked for: a system of medicine that takes into account the whole body and its function in order to uncover the root cause of what is ailing you. Through Functional Medicine we can get answers about thyroid, adrenal and hormonal health, digestive wellness, parasites, hidden autoimmune diseases and infections, blood sugar stability, heart health, B-vitamin methylation, anemias, and more.  We can find answers to health questions such as, “Why am I so tired?”  “Why can’t I concentrate well?” “Why do I wake up every night at 3am?” “Why can’t I lose this weight?” “Why am I so bloated?” “Why do I have such a foggy brain?” and “Why don’t I feel good?” Together we will piece together your specific health puzzle and create a wellness protocol to move you into vibrant health.


Functional medicine simply shifts the focus to that of function and integration of people’s physiology in order to uncover the root cause of what is robbing their health. In functional medicine we use comprehensive intake paperwork, extensive personal history, blood-work, hormone (saliva), digestive (stool) and other tests to gather objective evidence.  Then we narrow conventional laboratory reference ranges and look for patterns, as many people will feel unwell before they test out of lab range normal, which means disease has already manifested.  I then create a unique personal plan for every patient depending on our findings. This includes a wellness protocol of diet and lifestyle changes and quality nutritional supplements that I have hand-picked specifically for my patient.  Because often there is loss of proper function (fatigue, depression, sleep problems, weight gain, etc) before there is disease, I consider this method of analysis true “preventative medicine.” I am excited to offer my patients more security in their present and long term health.