Our latest Newsletter for New Years 2017 is HERE


Happy Autumn, everyone

This year has seen many changes for Jacobson Chiropractic and we are excited to announce what is NEW! After four great years at the front desk, Terry left to take an administrative job at Western Sierra Medical Clinic. While we are sad to see her go, we are excited about the new opportunities that await her. Dr. Dale’s wife, Diane and second daughter, Anya took over Terry’s job until we made our recent hire of the wonderful Stefanie. Our good friend, Dr. Bob Morgan D.C. found Stefanie first and trained her to run his office. Now she will share her time between our two offices. Of course, Diane and Anya were having so much fun they will also still work part-time. A true family practice! Bridgette continues to keep us all in line and has been with us now for nearly twenty years!

In April, Chris Cedars D.C. joined us as an intern fresh out of Palmer Chiropractic College in Iowa. He was inspired to become a chiropractor after seeing Dr. Dale lecture at a yoga retreat, and pursued his dream to be personally trained in spinal and peripheral joint movement palpation by Dr. Dale. He is learning lots and we are enjoying our time together! To help us expand our scope of care, we have new deep-muscle massage therapists using our cottage space. Laurie Jo Colvin and Samantha Keller are massage therapists and Beth Reyes is a fascial stretch therapist. Call for further information about them.

Dr. Dale turned 65 years old in August and is still going strong! We all bet he will never retire. He loves his job too much! He admits to thinking he is doing his best work ever now, as indeed chiropractic is an art, and he has been at it now for nearly forty years! He continues his weekly free yoga classes, his nutrition lectures, and he has been fanatical about his new seven-months-in-the-works diatribe-- a vaccine safety/expose book available at the office. Great read though it is already quite controversial. He is now in the office five days a week, so come in and see him!

Dr. Heather has added more hours to her schedule due to demand. You can now see her on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. She is also offering longer treatment times, you can book up to an hour with Dr. Heather now. The rest of her time she is busy at home with her three active sons, Jacob (6), Giles (4) and Ian (18 months). She continues her chiropractic work, craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation (gut massage). In her practice she might treat a 12 day old baby and a 91 year old grandfather (Dr. Dale says, “from the womb to the tomb”). She is practicing more functional medicine, and offering wellness blood panels. In this approach she orders an extensive blood panel cash price $250 (including a comprehensive report), or you can bill to your insurance.   Dr Heather analyzes it through a functional medicine lens (where you narrow the references ranges and look for patterns). She has already caught many missed diagnoseses, including hyperparathyroidism, iron deficiency anemia, thyroid disorders and immune dysfunction. Dr. Heather then prepares a report from the findings and teaches her patients to treat the dysfunctions using diet, lifestyle, and quality nutritional supplements. We are gearing up for a transformative and educational Autumn. In September we will host our Fall Detox Group Cleanse! We have been offering these cleanses for three years now with amazing success. You can choose a 14 or 21 day Cleanse program and be supported with whole food supplements, weekly meetings, daily emails, a personal consultation and more. Many people have had life-transformative experiences doing this cleanse. It helps to balance blood sugars and hormones, lower cholesterol, focus on the gut, decongest the liver, lose weight and more! Further information, video testimonials, etc can be found here.

Special Classes This Autumn: Dr. Dale, Diane and Dr. Heather are teaching two 1-day classes this fall:

October 17th: Maintaining Optimal Joint Health as we Age Gracefully and Gratefully

October 31st: Intestinal Health and Well Being.

Both workshops are from 9:30-4pm and both include a healthy Nourishing Traditions lunch with Shan Kendall.


Well, if you made it to the end of this newsletter you are a champ. Thank you so much dear patients for being our greatest teachers and helping to bring us so much joy every day. We all truly love going to “work” and being part of your lives. You make us better chiropractors.

Thank you, we hope to see you soon.
Dale, Diane, Heather, Chris, Bridgette and Stefanie