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Dr. Heather's favorite baby/parenting book, Baby Sense Secret by Meg Faure

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CranioSacral Therapy

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Video Dr. Andrew Weil made explaining cranial sacral therapy and the work of Dr. Fulford


Being a kid can be rough on the body.  Growing is hard work and joint injuries are frequent. Often, kids have health issues that we would not know about without taking them to a Chiropractor: issues that may negatively affect their later life.  Falls and bonks, growth spurts, repetitive stress injuries (soccer, dance, etc.), chronic ear infections, learning difficulties, sleep difficulties, stress, ADHD, headaches, pain following orthodontic/dental work, digestive problems, and sensory integration disorders and failure to thrive can all affect the long-term health of children—and all can be treated with Chiropractic and craniosacral therapy.

Dr. Heather and Keri Dahlstom both treat infants and children with cranial sacral therapy.  Dr. Heathert also uses chiropractic and Ker evaluates and treats through her physical therapy lens of movement assessment, alignment and sensory processing. Dr. Dale has been treating babies and kids since 1977!  He is the best for any acute injuries including those that require X-rays.