Dr. Heather has pursued specialized post-graduate study in Chiropractic and craniosacral for pregnancy, birth and post-partum.  She is Webster Technique certified and with three children of her own, she is very familiar with pregnancy and birth.  With pregnant mamas, she mixes gentle chiropractic, muscle massage work, and craniosacral work with home exercises and lifestyle recommendations. With infants she use craniosacral work almost exclusively.  The birthing process is traumatic for a baby’s little body and she believes that all newborns can greatly benefit from treatment early in life as this is the time we have the potential to eliminate restrictions that may possibly negatively influence the rest of their lives.  She especially recommends treatment for babies who cannot latch well to nurse/take a bottle, have colic, gastro-intestinal problems, head flattening, or always lay their heads to one side, etc.


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Webster Technique- a chiropractic technique for pregnancy

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Postpartum Support International- An awesome organization set up to help postpartum moms struggling with mood issues..  They even have a toll-free 1-800 number for mom's to call if they need help.

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Watch entire exercise video with Dr. Heather and pilates instructor Wendi August called Core Essentials: Exercises for Posture, Balance and Strength

How to Put on a Serola Sacroiliac Joint Belt

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Shortly after the start of my second trimester, I began having severe pains in my upper buttocks area. I tried to self-diagnose and decided I had sciatica and tried to treat myself at home. After weeks of no relief I finally decided to see a chiropractor. After visiting one that crunched me and discussed some dietary changes, I still had no relief, and I was then referred to Heather by a pregnant friend. On my first visit, Heather was able to quickly diagnose that I had a sprained sacroiliac joint. She was able to explain and show so many things to me about how and why this injury occurred, how we could treat it, and what to do for the remainder of my pregnancy to prevent further injury. Throughout my treatment she was gentle and understanding of my pain, but really able to work some of my especially painful areas. I left that appointment with various handouts on stretches and taking care of myself during my pregnancy and a support belt that helped me hugely. After a follow-up visit the next week with continued soft tissue work and realignment, everything changed! My pain was gone and I had my life back! If it weren’t for Heather I would have been living with daily discomfort for the remainder of my pregnancy and possibly longer. She truly is amazing! I would highly recommend her to any pregnant woman feeling any pain or discomfort or simply desiring to feel better!
— Kristin Robinson