Heather’s work marked a big turning point in both my pregnancy and in the earliest days of my daughter’s life. I started seeing her for both craniosacral and chiropractic care at 8 months pregnant because of my debilitating low back pain. By the time I was full term, I was pain-free and feeling radiant. Then, when my daughter and I had some challenges with the early days of breast-feeding, I brought us both to see Heather. I watched Heather help my daughter work through areas in her body that had likely been holding onto some trauma from birth, including her jaw. After one (free) session, we never again experienced trouble latching. Plus, I finally felt myself let go of the difficult feelings I had developed during our first few days of struggle. I trust Heather/s judgment and wisdom implicitly, as a practitioner, a mom, and as a wonderful new friend.
— Liz Thompson, R.N.
When I was attempting a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean) with my second child, I knew I wanted to get chiropractic care to make sure my hips and pelvis stayed open and flexible and to keep the baby in the best possible birthing position. I thought I wouldn’t need to see a chiropractor until a month or so before my due date, but by my 6th month I was sent to see Heather for persistent and debilitating sacroiliac joint pain (low back/pelvic area). I could hardly walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night! She not only managed to take the pain away completely in just two weeks of visits, but she made sure every appointment after that was spent ensuring the pain would not return and balancing my joints to facilitate an easy birth. It turns out I probably could have saved myself the initial pain and discomfort if I had seen her for regular appointments before that 6th month. I now encourage all my pregnant friends to consider doing exactly that. I cannot imagine how tiresome and painful my pregnancy would have been if I hadn’t been under Dr. Heather’s care. I cannot recommend her enough.... especially if you are expecting.
— Monique Derenia, Alta Sierra
Dr. Heather’s gentle, healing hands are guides to the restorative path of healing. I do not understand how craniosacral therapy works, but it is a powerfully unique experience of relaxation and healing. When Dr. Heather lays her hands on my head and neck for a craniosacral therapy session, it takes my mind and body immediately to a peaceful place. It feels like guided meditation. Suddenly my mind starts thinking healing thoughts and finding places in my body that need my attention and need healing. It sort of feels like cheating, you know... if I did the daily work of meditation I might know these things, but Dr. Heather makes the process effective and graceful. I highly recommend Dr. Heather’s healing hands to anyone who is busy, a bit tense, or just needs a little guidance on how to become aware of their body’s needs. Enjoy!
— Ali H.

Sarah brought her son Elijah (age 4) into the office for an ear infection. After the treatment they were driving by his the soccer field and little Elijah said, “That is where my brother has soccer practice.”Sarah asked “Did you like that doctor?” Elijah: “Yes, she made me be able to say ‘practice’! I felt more power come into me and I could say practice.”—- this was a word he had had trouble saying before :) Earlier in the conversation he had said “I feel all the way better.”
— Sarah Griscom CMT, CD
Dr. Heather, Thank you so much for all you do for our community, the women and the children. A special thanks for your generosity! You have a big heart and it shows. [My daughter] and [granddaughter] are doing great.
— Sent from a patient’s mother January 2011
I first went to Jacobson Chiropractic from Yuba City to see Dr. Heather Hunt after researching chiropractors specializing in prenatal care. I was seven months pregnant having horrible sciatic back pain and pelvic pain and could not even bend over without getting “stuck”. The staff was very friendly when I called and I was surprised to be able to see her the next day. I thought the office was very and everyone was so friendly and nice. Heather took my complete history and did a full physical exam before she started working on my back. The adjustments felt good, but I was so stiff I could barely walk! So she re-adjusted and did craniosacral work on my head, neck, and lower back. It felt heavenly! Afterward I felt better but was still very stiff. She asked me to come back the next two days for adjustments due to my stiff back. I did return, and after three adjustments was able to walk around without pain for the first time! I continued to see her weekly for the next month until the pain was gone and then I saw her a few more times before the baby was born. It was wonderful to be pain free! Dr. Heather’s hands are magical!

A couple of weeks after our son was born he started showing signs of colic. This was our second child with colic symptoms and I was dreading the next few months ahead. I knew that Dr. Heather worked on newborns and infants as well utilizing craniosacral therapy for colic. So I brought him in to see her right away. She was very gentle and he responded positively to her touch. After three treatments we noticed a drastic difference in his fussy periods! I would highly recommend Heather Hunt and Jacobson Chiropractic to anyone suffering pain and for babies with colic.
— Katherine Rhodes, Yuba City
I first saw Heather in December of 2009. My back was feeling uncomfortable, and I had been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant for a year and a half. Not only did my back feel better after seeing her, but I got pregnant the next month. A wonderful coincidence or maybe not!

After such a great experience, I saw Heather every week for the last month or two of my pregnancy. I wanted to make sure that my baby was in the best possible position since my first daughter had been positioned poorly and took 32 hours of hard labor to make her way out. During these months, I experienced very little of the intense back and knee pain that I remembered from my first pregnancy. Additionally, my labor was infinitely easier this time around despite the fact that my daughter was 11 pounds 2 ounces!

Since the birth of my second daughter, I have brought both of my children to see Heather. They both love her care, and seem to leave feeling much better.

I highly recommend Heather for prenatal and postnatal care, as well as for babies and children. Her combination of expertise in craniosacral and chiropractic care is wonderful. Thank you Heather.
— Carlyle Holmes Miller, Nevada City
I was four months pregnant with my first child and was having terrible pain in my tailbone area. I could barely stand up straight. Dr. Heather used what I call a “miracle method” on me 3 times and it did wonders. I did not have to work on that area at all anymore afterwards. What she did was work on the scar tissue from a previous accident when I fell on my tailbone snowboarding. She used an internal method that may make others shy away from it, but let me tell you it was the best, most relieving treatment. I highly suggest using this method for anyone suffering from tailbone pain.
— S. Van De Weerd, Grass Valley
I had some pubic instability and pain this pregnancy and Dr. Heather Hunt at Jacobson Chiropractic has helped me so much. This is my third pregnancy and I didn’t know how I would make it through the pregnancy because it was hurting to walk already at 5 1/2 months. She got me a brace and worked on my sacral ligaments and it has made such a difference. I’m feeling great and just walked 2 miles today at 39 weeks with no pain. She also helped me with back pain and instability after my second child was born. As a young mom herself, she is compassionate, gentle and careful with pregnant moms and babies.
— M. Finkler, Nevada City
A longtime friend of mine, whom is also a rancher, and I were discussing our health one day. In the world of agriculture there is always work to do, a lot of which is preventative work…Our most important tool is our trucks, and up in the corner of the windshield on the driver’s side is a sticker that tells you when to take it in for a service, there are also service engine soon lights. Yet we rarely as humans come in for a service for ourselves. We find ourselves bent over or crawling in to be “fixed”. So, B.B. and I decided to get a well fare check-up every time we serviced out trucks. I run a diesel so that’s every 5,000 miles, and believe me when I think of just how many times I’m in and out of the back of that rig in a 5,000 mile period, it goes without saying this is a good way to stay the course. Just like we change the batteries in our smoke alarms once a year. We need to remember to take care of our bodies. Where else would we live?
— A.R., North San Juan
Thanks for the updated book. I love your passion for helping others to get and stay healthy.
— Bonnie S., Grass Valley
Hi Dale,
I should have written this earlier, but you know how it goes. I want you to know how much I enjoyed the talk you gave on rest. It was just what I needed at this moment in my life, The information was valuable and the message of reducing stress to allow rest to heal was important.
You have such a gift of sharing your knowledge and life perspectives. Thank you for sharing these with me. I instantly saw the benefits of your tips on rest, and would love to hear more (i.e. you touched on caffeine and nutrition). I am already 23.7% better.
Over the years you have offered so much advice, encouragement and knowledge to me. These are some of the things that have helped me so often and that I will carry with me for life.
— L.A., Nevada City