Stretching and Strengthening Exercises to Prevent Injury and Promote Healing

Ever since I started my chiropractic practice in 1979, I have taught a free weekly yoga stretching class for my patients and anyone interested. It is a wonderful adjunct to my chiropractic treatment, as people reap great benefit when they come to class a few times to learn stretching techniques. Blending a few minutes of stretching into your day will create an obvious change in your comfort level, and your ability to function. In my twenty-nine years of working on bodies with varying degrees of dysfunction and pain, and observing improvement, or deterioration, I have noticed that patients who follow a stretching program have the best long-term results. Patients scheduled for spinal surgery, and even patients who have already had surgery, have many times enjoyed dramatic results. However, motivating people to start stretching in the first place is basically like getting them to jump into ice water. If people are in pain, they do not want to stretch, and if they are not in pain, they do not want to stretch. That’s simply human nature. My goal here is simple. Teach simple stretching postures in a down-to-earth manner, and make simple understandable directions. Then, you can start obtaining the mental and physical benefits of yoga stretching. Yoga stretching is not a religion and it is compatible with all rational activities in life. The sooner you start a stretching program, the better off ALL aspects of your life will be, and the easier you will be to live with. Ask Diane.

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The 3-Day Apple Diet (p. 142)

Internal Human Composting (pp. 143-156)

Don't Eat Soy -Unless it's Fermented, Organic, Non-GMO (pp. 157-169)

What about Milk? (pp. 170-186)

The War on Dietary Cholesterol (pp. 187-212)

The Story of Sugar and Fake Sugar Made Simple (pp. 213-225)

Organic vs. Inorganic Food (pp. 226-229)

Healthy Food, Healthy Soil and Compost (pp.230-261)

The Relative Safety of Allopathic and Chiropractic Medicine (pp. 262-270)

Personal Essays and References (pp. 271-291)



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