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Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum Nutritional Support Protocol


The intention of this handout is to best support your pregnancy, birth and postpartum time with quality supplements and natural remedies I have found helpful both during my own 3 pregnancies and also in my practice.  It is not intended to replace professional advice and I advise you to consult with a licensed health care professional before taking new remedies/ supplements.  All these supplements/remedies are available for sale at our office.

Furthermore, self-care is essential in this time as you are paving the way for a new little being to be in our world, so I strongly recommend proper rest, nutrition, and physical care such as chiropractic, craniosacral and massage. 

Support for Pregnancy

Liver support: (if you have swelling, itchy skin, extreme hormonal mood swings, etc)
Herblore Liver Tonic for Pregnancy- can dose up to 2 droppers-full 3x/ day

Livaplex by Standard Process 2 caps, 2x/day

Adrenal/Stress/Fatigue: (if you feel abnormally tired, are not sleeping well or depending on sugar/caffeine to get your energy up to make it through the day)
Cytocyme AD by Biotics, 1 with breakfast, 1 with lunch, can build up to 2 in AM, 2 with lunch

Iron Deficiency Anemia or Low Iron Levels: (fatigue, pale skin)
Hemevite by Apex Entergetics- an iron in dessicated grass fed liver, an excellent source of Vitamin B12.  Work up to taking 3 caps, 2 times a day. 

Hemeplex—Alison Osborn’s recommendation at Briarpatch

Gall Bladder: (pain under your right rib cage or under your right shoulder blade, especially after eating fats or high carb meals.  Please tell your doctor/birth provider if you have this)

Take all together:

AF Betafood by Standard Process, 2 with each meal

Zypan by Standard Process, 2 with each meal

Cholacol by Standard Process, 2 with each meal

Recommendation for Prenatal vitamin: Designs for Health prenatal vitamin, this has methylated B vitamins, which is important because most of us do not absorb B vitamins well.

Rash of Pregnancy/Itchy skin:  (Itchy skin or rash especially on trunk of body, please tell your doctor/care-provider if you are experiencing this)

Itch Relief by Herblore, also consider Liver support as this rash manifests with liver congestion

Acid reflux/ heartburn:  Enzymix Pro by Apex Energetics, 1 cap before each meal OR

Zypan by Standard Process, 2 before each meal

Gestational Diabetes or General Blood Sugar Support/multivitamin  

Glysen by Apex Entergetics.  Helps regulate blood sugar levels. 2 caps, 3x a day after meals

-or- SP Complete smoothie mix from Standard Process (2 scoopers a day)

Adrenal support is necessary, too, please refer to adrenal section of hand out

Constipation: 400-600 mg of Magnesium Citrate mixed with 1 TBS Calcium Lactate at night before bed as needed.  I digested this combo much better than Calm Cal/Mg.

Leg Cramps: Magnesium Malate or Glycinate, 400-600 mg at night before bed

Headaches/Migraines: Riboflavin (B2), 400mg at night.  Magnesium Glycinate or Malate (up to 600mg/day, broken into 2 doses).  Omega 3s (Cod Liver Oil), Host Defense mushroom immune support.  Hot bath with Epson salt, cold wash cloth on forehead.  Avoid caffeine.

Sinus Pressure/congestion: Craniosacral Therapy, Echinacea, Vitamin D, Omega 3s

Anxiety/Insomnia: Adrena-Calm from Apex.  A cream that literally lowers your adrenaline/cortisol levels.  ½ to 2 pumps, apply onto soft skin (underarms, thighs, belly)

Support for Birth/Directly after birth

Postpartum Sitz Bath by Herblore (wonderful for healing!)

After Pain Tincture by Herblore and Calcium Lactate powder from Standard Process (for the post-partum contractions of the uterus shrinking back to size)

Homeopathic Remedies: Arnica (for muscle injuries) and Aconite (for shock).


Support for Postpartum

Mastitis/Clogged Milk Ducts (pain in breast, redness can manifest in fever and flu like symptoms.  Often occurs with increased stress, so take Poke Root when you travel!)

Poke Root by Herblore, works usually in 1 day! 

Stay on Pre Natal support, consider adrenal support

Increasing breast milk supply 

Nursing Tea or tincture by Herblore (the tincture is much stronger than the tea)

If you are having consistent problems with milk supply, please come in and we will test your thyroid and sex hormone levels.

Adrenals: Cytozyme AD is safe for nursing but I like to transition to an herbal support like Withania Complex by MediHerb or Adrenatone by Designs for Health (ask Dr. Heather!!!)

PostPartum Depression:  Postpartum Support International has a toll free hotline.  Keep on prenatals or female multi-vitamins.  Adrenal support.  Omega 3/Fish oils.  Methylated B vitamins.  Check your thyroid, talk to Dr. Heather about hormones.


Support for Baby

Teething/Fever:  Homeopathic Baby Kit by Uriel and Calcium Lactate tablets (break them up for the baby to swallow) from Standard Process.  1 to 3 tablets, up to 2x/day

Colic: Read BabySense Secret by Meg Faure.  Craniosacral Therapy.  Block Feeding (3 hours on one breast, then 3 hours feeding on the other).  Infant massage.  Have mom take probiotics and Omega 3s.

Reflux: Dietary changes for mom if baby is breastfeeding.  Craniosacral.  See Colic.

Diaper Rash:  Weleda Calendula Diaper Cream.  If yeast rash (you will know if it is yeast because it is “fire engine red” and does not respond to regular diaper creams) then you go to the pharmacy and buy athlete’s foot cream.  Apply to rash 2x/day until it clears.

Dr. Heather recommends not vaccinating on the day of birth with Hepatitis B as this is a blood-born illness and transmitted like HIV.  It can wait till your child’s immune system becomes more robust.


Recommendations throughout pregnancy and postpartum

Blood Sugar Support/General Nourishment Smoothie a day with SP Complete by Standard Process or Clearvite by Apex Entergetics.  These help stabilize blood sugar, are a mild liver detoxer, have great vitamins and more.

Increase Fiber Intake Whole Food Fiber by Standard Process, 1-2 TBS a day in a smoothie. (to clear out extra hormones and toxins through the digestive tract, and to increase stool transit time).  Eat more foods with fiber.

Cod Liver Oil or other Omega 3s.  Helpful for the developing nerves/brain of the baby, good immune support, brain support, and anti-inflammatory.  Fish oils do thin your blood so refrain from taking any from two weeks before your due date to birth.  Dosage on bottle.

Vitamin D.  Vitamin D is necessary for the immune system, hormonal health, mood stability and more. Get a liquid one as it is better absorbed.  Take 1000-4000 IU a day.  I recommend getting your Vitamin D level tested before supplementation so we can best dose you.  We can easily order a blood test to see what your levels are of Vitamin D are.

Probiotics: Eat them (yogurt, keifer, saurkraut, kombucha, etc) and/or take them in supplemental form.  If you are eating them, a therapeutic dose is about 2 Cups of yogurt/kefir a day.  If you have a yeast infection, you can use probiotics vaginally as a suppository for a few weeks and up to the birth (but obviously not after your water breaks!).  Get the vaginal canal ready for baby inoculation!  We have a few to choose from.  Strengthia by Apex Entergetics includes a yeast strain so is helpful for people suffering or who have suffered with yeast infections/overgrowth.

Consider B Vitamins—for hormone support, nausea in pregnancy, energy levels, mood, etc.   Many people cannot absorb regular B vitamins, so a methylated form is recommended.  We have a handful of different choices at our office.  Favorites are B Supreme or Homocysteine Supreme by Designs for Health.


The Baby Sense Secret by Meg Faure.  A must read for all new parents! My all time favorite baby book.  It explains a baby’s sensory development and how to take care of a baby knowing where they are developmentally.  

Anything by Ina May Gaskin and Dr. Sears