Here is what some of our previous cleansers are saying:

Dale, A BIG THANK YOU! I am upright and mostly comfortable. Thank you for the magnificent work on my body and the stimulating side conversations. I will be back for a tune up soon.
— Stephen, Grass Valley Ca
Thanks and gratefulness are in high order as I look forward to living from a cleaner starting point. I’m convinced this cleanse was brought into my life choices right now in order to survive some heavy sorrowful stress that has been in my family circle this past month. Good timing, I might have cracked under the weight of it all, but so far it’s been tolerable!

I hope all you cleansers have found some of that ‘eye of the hurricane’ peacefulness that I am experiencing. Life may be storming around my calm center, but I feel a strength and appreciation for being in a more balanced position to deal with it.
— K.S Nevada City, age 50
You and Jessica are rock stars in my book!! Thanks so much for all the support, info, and encouragement. I am feeling better than I have felt in an exceptionally long time! And losing weight to boot.
— C.M. Rough and Ready, 47
Thanks Heather for reaching out, I appreciate it. I want you to know that I think you are an incredible special woman with many gifts! Your sincere concern for others is so visible; it is hard not to love you.
— C.G. Penn Valley, age 5
I am so grateful you both got this cleanse going here in Nevada County! It has rebooted my entire system. It was such a great way to start the new year and I feel so good from it that I’ve kept a slightly modified version going ever since. Big gratitude.
— J.G., Nevada City, age 42
I participated in the first cleanse Heather Hunt offered our lovely community; not only did I enjoy the experience, but I have continued to use the product daily. I can admit that I have not felt this good in years. I had never done a group cleanse before, yet I found the experience to be very rewarding; hearing the insights and experiences from the other participants was both enlightening and supporting; simply hearing that others were having some of the same results as me was comforting. I would highly recommend Heather’s group cleanse to anybody interested. I feel this group cleanse is a wonderful service that Heather offers our community, and who doesn’t want, or deserve to feel their best.
— T. K., Nevada City, age 44

Very eye opening. Wasn’t much of a believer in types or origins of food. After having gut/digestive issues for over 12 yrs, this cleanse started a whole new thought process on how I can eat and not hurt.
— J.K., Grass Valley, age 34
I have had chronic digestion problems for more than 20 years and I have never felt as good as during and after this cleanse. I felt that doing it with a group was great because there were other people to chat with and share recipes with. But the best part was having Heather and Jessica lead the cleanse! I felt that the two of them were such a wonderful team and so complete in their care. Any questions or concerns I had were answered with a wealth of information. I’ve never understood my body more! And having Dr. Heather adjust me when I was detoxing was so helpful.
— L.R. age 35, N. San Juan
This past January my whole family did Dr. Heather’s first Standard Process cleanse. She did this cleanse with nutritionist Jessica Flanagan. The combination of Dr. Heather and Jessica was perfect. We met once a week to share stories and questions. I really appreciated this because it always answered my questions and was a great barometer as to how I was doing. The best part of these meetings was the educational portion. Each week Dr. Heather and Jessica would focus on a different topic to do with the issues the cleanse was addressing. We learned about digestion, liver function and the endocrine system .The cleanse had great results for our family. My husband lost 15 pounds, my tiny 5.2” daughter lost 8 pounds and I lost the 4 pounds I gained during the holidays. As a result of the cleanse and the support we received we have maintained our weight loss and incorporated what we learned from the classes and the experience itself into our daily lives.
— L.N. Grass Valley, age 50
I am really glad that I did the cleanse. I am feeling so much better in every way. I am sleeping well, my pain is much better and I have had no stomach problems. I am sorry that I have been laid up with my injured ankle and leg as I have not been able to get any exercise during the cleanse. I usually walk every day at least once and sometimes twice. However I did manage to lose 8 lbs anyway and am sure if I could have exercised I would probably have lost more. I plan to continue to eat fresh fruit & vegetables with small portions of meat. I also have really enjoyed the smoothies and plan to continue with them.
— Regards, R.T, age 73

Sunday was my last day. I feel great. It was good to try some different foods including trying or discovering the different stores and restaurants. Learned how to eat more vegetables, and I have a new respect for kale in my blender. I have three different doctor checkups within the next two weeks. Heart fibrillation, high blood pressure, and cholesterol, prostrate PSA level increasing...a bunch of stuff. I am excited to see how the cleanse helped my overall health.
— T.S., Nevada City, age 63
Thank you both for an amazing journey of cleansing.
— N.M., Grass Valley, age 35

After the cleanse I’m feeling so much more myself! I am experiencing real joy and no anxiety!! I think your cleanse helped so much. Cleaned out the anxiety pipes.
— S.P. Nevada City, Age 43
My poor sleep and insomnia are greatly improved. Some eczema, allergies (seasonal) have been better too. I lost 14 lbs! My energy has skyrocketed! I feel more consistent energy and have felt so much more productive! Worked out a lot and felt more energy there too. Easier to work out harder and run further. I was surprised about how easy it was. After Day 3 I felt pretty good. I had some fatigue until Day 10, but since then I am feeling fabulous! I will continue with the smoothies and diet, I love it.
— K.S. Grass Valley, age 44
I started this cleanse after months of feeling moody, depressed and often tired. After several days on the cleanse I started feeling more energized and light-hearted. I continued feeling better and better, and now, a week after completing the cleanse, I feel great! I lost about 7 pounds and feel healthier than I have in a long time. The most surprising thing is that my cravings for sugar and caffeine have greatly diminished. So, while I have incorporated some of that back into my diet, I feel much more choice in what I eat. Hooray!
— S. W. Nevada City, age 45
I loved this cleanse. I think it nurtured / nourished my body, mind and spirit.... and balanced me in general. I felt really great during the process and found it “allowed” me to focus on myself more than I normally do. I made “me” a priority for a change and my family benefited in the long run because I had more energy, was balanced and nurtured!

Thank you for making this available. I would love to do it again!
— M.S. Grass Valley, age 46
The first week of pre-cleanse I didn’t change my diet at all but those Standard Process supplements worked some kind of miracle. Within a few days I was sleeping through the night pain free, the neck/shoulder ache and lower back hitching pains were gone, my knee pain was gone, foot pain was dramatically reduced, and my emotional roller coaster was dramatically evened out. The second week (or first week of cleanse) continued with wonderful energy levels, clarity of mind, positive outlook, and a vibrant healthy state that I had to share with everyone I talked to about the cleanse I was doing. The last two weeks of the cleanse brought the symptoms others had been talking about, bloated feeling, upset stomach, a tenderness around the liver area, and some emotional cleansing as well. But I was determined to see it through, convinced that the process was all worth it. If there was some discomfort it was only ridding my body and spirit of stuff that wasn’t healthy and I was feeling it all on its way out. Better out than in, right? Weight loss was not a goal, but I managed to drop about 2.5 lbs over the month. I was most surprised at how delicious food tasted with the simplified food choices. I was trying most of the recipes and they were all so good I got some of my family hooked on them too! Something I didn’t realize was a problem that would be effected by the cleanse were the frequent loose or watery stools I have had over the past 2 1/2 years. I can’t tell you how balancing it is to have normal stools most of the time now. In fact, this was a more surprising result because I wasn’t expecting anything, having accepted it as part of my life that wasn’t going to change.
— K.S., age 50, Grass Valley
Hi Dale, I should have written this earlier, but you know how it goes. I want you to know how much I enjoyed the talk you gave on rest. It was just what I needed at this moment in myu life. The information was valuable and the message of reducing stress to allow rest to heal was important. You have such a gift of sharing your knowledge and life perspectives. Thank you for sharing these with me. I instantly saw the benefits of your tips on rest and would love to hear more (i.e. you touched on caffeine and nutrition). I am already 23.7% better. Over the years you have offered so much advice, encouragement and knowledge to me. These are some of the things that have helped me so often and that I will carry with me for life. Thanks.
— L.A., age 70, Grass Valley
Dale, Thanks for the updated book. I lvoe your passion for helping others to get and stay healthy.
— B.S., age 45, Grass Valley
A longtime friend of mine, whom is also a rancher, and I were discussing our health one day. In the world of agriculture there is always work to do, a lot of which is preventative work...Our most important tool is our trucks, and up in the corner of the windshield on the driver’s side is a sticker that tells you when to take it in for a service, there are also service engine lights too. Yet we rarely as humans come in for service for ourselves. We find ourselves bent over or crawling in to be “fixed” . So, B.B. and I decided to get a well fare check-up every time we serviced our trucks. I run a diesel so that’s every 5’000 miles, and believe me when I think of just how many times I’m in and out of the back of that rig in a 5’000 mile period, it goes without saying this is a good way to stay the course. Just like we change the batteries in our smoke alarms once a year, we need to remember to take care of our bodies, where else would we live?